What We Do Best

Industrial Strength Flooring Solutions for Every Space

What We Do Best

Industrial Strength Flooring Solutions For Every Space​

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We can help turn your old and dull flooring into a visually appealing and durable masterpiece with our custom, decorative floor coatings and concrete floor systems. Perfect for any space.

Textured Epoxy Coatings

Textured epoxy floor coatings don’t just make floors look better; they actually protect the floor surface and those walking on it. Textured epoxy floor coatings are popular non-slip applications for a variety of industries.

Urethane Concrete Coatings

Urethane is a great top coat for most kinds of epoxy coatings. Urethane is ideal for the food and beverage industry, labs and industrial settings because it is moisture, heat, and chemical resistant.

Solid Color Systems

With long-term durability & lower installation cost, our solid color epoxy is one of the best flooring options out there. It is resistant to UV damage and heavy impacts, making it strong enough for any space!

Safety Line & Parking Lot Striping

Bright, well-defined lines make your safety lines and parking lot look professional and keep your patrons safe. We use paint that’s designed specifically to stick to pavement to keep your space looking and functioning perfectly.

Dyed & Polished Concrete

Dyed & polished concrete floors can take standard concrete flooring from dull to aesthetically pleasing. They offer a wide range of customizable options and numerous benefits for homeowners.

Vinyl Broadcast Chip Systems

Our chip systems provide decorative yet highly durable surfaces with the appearance of granite, marble or terrazzo. With many color options, they are great for any garage, basement, bathroom, or living space.

Looking for a decorative floor coating option that is tough enough for your industrial space? Contact us today to get a free estimate!

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Why Choose Us

With our years of experience and top of the line equipment and products, Lakeshore Concrete Solutions is West Michigan’s premier provider for the best looking, industrial strength protective and decorative floor coatings for your space, all at an affordable price.


20-Year Warranty

You’ll never have to worry about your floors again. We’ll help you transform any surface, and make it last!


High-Quality Service

Your happiness is our highest priority. Our highly-skilled team is dedicated to providing clients the best results. 



Save your money. The longevity, affordable price, and durability make our floor coatings a cost-effective option.

We Love Making Our Clients Happy

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